Welcome to The Rainbow Rooms.

I'm Michelle Brown, Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach (student), holistic therapist and all round positive vibe enthusiast based in Buckinghamshire.

My conventional healthcare background, more recent holistic therapy training and my current Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach studies centre around the ethos of holistic health and wellbeing. This approach recognises the interlinked nature of the physical, 

mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of life. In other words, it acknowledges 

the whole person.  

Isolating important aspects of life such as diet or exercise is common place in the pursuit of a wellness goal, but I believe this is counter-productive. If left isolated and unsupported it becomes all too easy to 'fall off the wellness wagon' as it were.  

At The Rainbow Rooms our focus is on creating healthy habits and our wide range of habit change strategies can not only support the five aspects of life, but can also strengthen 

the links between them. With consistent holistic reinforcement in this way we encourage a 'positive energy cycle' that in turn can help to create a

sustainable wellness lifestyle.  

So, if you are ready to be inspired and be more proactive with your health and wellbeing; you want to live a more natural, vibrant life that is more in tune with Mother Nature or you are ready to experience empowerment and actively create the life of your dreams

....then we should chat!