Why Essential Oils? 

100% Natural

With a transparent brand you are tapping into

Mother Nature's wealth.

Ancient Knowledge

Centuries old traditions and knowledge passed from generation to generation, in many cultures across the world.  

Easy to Use

Convenient to integrate

into everyday life

Versatile Benefits

Volatile natural chemical compounds that 

have many uses for

supporting holistic wellness.

Proactive Lifestyle

Positive conscious choices and less reactive

behaviour for a more empowered life.

Wonderful Aromas

Aroma can have a huge impact upon wellness and the formation of memory links.

Travel Friendly

No need to stop the

wellness support when

you are on the move.

Cost Effective

The cost of synthetic chemicals and their potentially harmful effects adds up, not just


Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?


A rigorous essential oil testing programme and readily available test results ensure transparency and a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade end product.

Would you like to discover more about highest purity essential oils and the many ways they can support a holistic wellness lifestyle?  Hop on over to either The Programmes or The Live Events page

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If you have attended a class or workshop with The Rainbow Rooms and would like to have dōTERRA essential oils in your home to receive their many benefits, then you can open your Wholesale Customer account here and receive a discount on your oils.


When you 'Join & Save' and begin your dōTERRA essential oil journey with The Rainbow Rooms you will not only be tapping into Mother Nature's wealth, but you will be investing in your own and your family's health and wellbeing.  


The Rainbow Rooms will show you how the oils can be safely integrated into your daily routine with our continued education programme and multi platform support from both myself and our wider team. You will also receive free access to our online magazine and priority booking for our holistic wellness programmes.   

If you would like to join me in the sharing of these wonderful 'Gifts of the Earth' and their many wellness benefits then you can open your Wellness Advocate account here and receive a discount and our other unique benefits, together with support in sharing the oils with your network.